Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Having Faith 28.3.11

'Faith is not faith if its not all you're holding on to.' Thomas Aquinas
In today's day and age, there is seemingly great irrelevance for faith and hope in something, someone, higher than ourselves. As knowledge increases, science gets more specific, people become more outward-focused rather than inward-focused, the notion of faith and confidence in something or someone greater than we are seems rather ludicrous.

Yet for the believer, the opposite holds true.

All the more, BECAUSE things are getting so fast-paced, so instant, so shallow, so trivial; because people have become so numb to the spiritual, so ignorant of the suffering in other parts of the world, so self-centered and materialistic, the believer craves for something MORE than all this.

In our 'modern' society, the notion of the metaphysical, of a spiritual realm, is often shunned and disregarded. Fools, they say. Only fools believe in a Creator. Only ill-informed people place their faith in something greater than themselves. Isn't the here and now, and me and you all there is to it?

Tis' a meaningless, depressing existence indeed.
If no higher purpose or greater plan exists.
Why, if this were truly so, I would rather not live! But wait, give me a moment.
I choose to have faith, not in myself, not in men, not in riches, nor in knowledge, but in the One who holds time and space, in the One who has bestowed upon me grace!

'Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen.' Hebrews 11:1
~ j a n i e ll e

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