Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hearing Voices 30.3.11

Everyday, commencing the moment we are born, to the time we awake every morning, from all directions we are bombarded with a myriad of thoughts, opinions, criticisms - and to sum the lot, voices.

No doubt that today will be no different from yesterday. We will have to listen to our parents, teachers, friends; the media, internet, textbooks, news. It is a non-stop flow of incoming ideas. Doesn't matter whether they are good or bad - we've already absorbed it - consciously or subconsciously.

How precarious it is for our state of mind and our hearts if we do not GUARD our thoughts! How dangerous if we take no care to keep watch over the doors of our consciousness through which all these voices enter!

The most terrifying part of all this is our IGNORANCE. We often do not realize that corruptible ideas and misconceptions and subtle lies have stealthily - or even bravenly - slipped into our minds. People seldom stop to think about what other people are telling them. Before we even know its garbage or not, we've already taken it in.

I'm convinced we cannot simply float from one thing to another. Yes, be at liberty to absorb as many ideas as you can, but do so with circumspection and discretion. Without which we will be tossed to and fro by the many voices shooting our way; without which we will not be able to make wise decisions according to the Higher Purpose because we have all these other wiseacres chipping in.

Most of all, listen not to the voices of this world! Inevitably, we will still be hearing voices, but we can CHOOSE to filter them with the TRUTH.

And finally, above all, take time to shut out the noises and voices of this world to hear God's still voice within our hearts!

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