Sunday, April 24, 2011

Letting Go

'He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.' Jim Elliot
What a brilliant quote!

What are the things that we should easily let go of? The things that we cannot keep!

Often life becomes the never-ending pursuit of things that we cannot keep past our due date. Yes, OUR due date. The day we cease to exist on earth.

How have we become so caught up in the noise of this world that we prefer to chase after the things that will ultimately pass away? We prefer these corruptible things to the things that will last longer than this lifetime.

As much as this present world is our reality, it is really only a stage, a dress-rehearsal for the REAL THING - a life beyond this passing world. If I sound bonkers to you, fine by me. But you see that most people arrive the end of their lives regretting that they have wasted all those years pursuing the things that ultimately matter not.

He is no fool - though the people of the present world will call him a fool - who gives what he CANNOT KEEP.

LETTING GO begins now. It begins today. Not when the time comes to choose between light or darkness. It begins now, even when things seem alright and it seems only reasonable to acquire the things that will not matter in the end.

If we give away what we cannot keep, we gain what we CANNOT LOSE.

If we let go of the things that ultimately matter not, we end up focusing our vision and energy on the things that will last for ETERNITY. If today, everyday, we choose to give away what we cannot keep, we inevitably gain a transformed perspective on how we must live this temporal journey in preparation for the real thing.

Ah, the real thing. For now, we learn to choose. To let go and give away, to hold on LOOSELY to the things of this world that will soon pass away.

Janielle =)

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