Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saying Thank YOU

We forget to say thank you. Every moment of today, even now, we forget that we are living by grace.

We think we're in control. We think its all good or all bad because we made it so, or the world made it so.
But for all the wonderful moments, and even the unbearable seasons, we often forget to say thank YOU.
You and I deserve nothing. Not even life. We do not even deserve the right to complain and voice our dissatisfaction. Yet the very reason we are living now, right now, is the proof of His amazing grace. Have you and I forgotten to say thank YOU today?

The moment we live each precious moment with a heart of thankfulness, a prayer of gratitude, a burst of inexplicable joy, is the moment we experience life as He meant it to be.

Living by His grace,

Both in laughing & in crying
Walking by simple faith,
In the night and every morning.

And if we do just that, remember to say thank You to the one who holds our destiny in His sovereign hands, whatever the circumstance may be, wonderful or unbearable, there will always be an ever-present assurance that 'in all things God works for the good of those who love Him'. =)

Love, janielle =)

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