Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why Live?

Honestly, today's one of those days I have so much to do that I feel overwhelmed and I question WHY I'm doing all this.

Isn't it good to ask why?

Because if we never think of WHY we do things and put effort or no effort into what we think we must do, then it is all pointless.

Why am I doing all this? In the end it amounts to nothing! If indeed it amounts to nothing. I know I'm a repetitious fool, and I keep saying the same thing. But truly, it is a stark reminder time and again that I cannot just live and let live. I cannot just do all this and know not why I strive so hard to accomplish a task or reach for excellence.

Do we do all this merely because it is expected of us? By our parents, our teachers, and even ourselves?

Or is there a more sophisticated reason behind it all?

Like I said, I'm a repetitious ol' fool and I keep coming back to the same thing. Basically it's because I'm going through the tedious process of reminding myself again. And again, attempting to grasp a lesson that I have once learned and understood, but which I have in my ignorance forgotten.

Well truly, this is essentially the crux of the matter, of our everyday lives. If there is no PURPOSE behind all this, if there is no meaning and ultimate satisfaction in what I do and must do, then I'd rather not continue. Yes, I'd rather not continue!

Too tedious a life to live - although there are good things to enjoy and people to meet. But if ultimately all this disintegrates and is forever forgotten, why live?

Indeed, why live.

~ j a n i e ll e

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