Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bypassing Beauty

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 8:47am
Few people notice details. Few people pause to notice the spectacular sunset out the train window. Few people stoop down to behold the intricacies of a simple flower.
Most people live everyday bypassing the beauty of nature.

Or maybe we are so surrounded by everything concrete and man-made that there is no decent place to relax and just take in the wonders of nature. We only ever get to do that on holidays. But then again, some people in the world never have the chance for a holiday!

I'm blessed enough to be living in holiday-land here in Australia. Nearly every week my family will explore some new park or go hiking. I LOVEEEE IT!

But yes, some people have to toil all year round and some people obviously will never have enough money to splurge on a luxurious holiday. I cannot imagine.

Another reminder to not take 'simple' luxuries for granted. Here we have fresh air, clean parks, green grass, blue skies. In many other cities there is much less beauty to behold, unfortunately.

What inspired this note was when I was walking to the station today, I passed a stretch of tall trees, and the heavenly thing was the sunlight streaming through the greenery. You could see the sunrays, you could touch it! How I wish I could just stand there for longer and soak it in. Alas, I had to rush off to catch the train! Haha that's when 'bypassing beauty' came to mind.


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