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Monday, June 27, 2011 at 9:38am
I realize that a lot of the things I say, think and write are influenced by the things I've heard and read. Are my ideas really simply reiterations of thoughts that have already been thought and shared ages ago?

I think that's pretty much the case. If you have a new idea, or a brilliant phrase that just came to you, just google it up, and it is most probable that it would have already been thought of by someone sometime ago! I know, I always do that. What an ingenious way to gauge if my ideas are original... Hahaha, maybe I haven't got a life.

Anyway... reiterations. Are the things we say and think merely echoes of a true, original voice? I suppose all of us are moulded to some extent by the people we grow up with, by our parents and teachers, by the things we read, see and hear. But how much of our thoughts are unique to us?

We must be aware of the things that influence our musings. Are they good or bad, are they truly gold or fully crap? Seriously, I think it helps to be blunt here. Because we really don't want to allow crappy people or crappy books or crappy songs to fill our heads with crappy, worthless, distracting content. How then can we think straight, think well, think right?

How then can we speak words of life and truth if all we have is a jumble of mingled ideas from all sorts of senseless sources?

Of course, our own unique thoughts and personalities will merge with whatever we pick up from the external world. So really, no one is exactly reiterating or repeating the original idea from someone somewhere.

I do hope that once in a blue moon, and more often, I would have original ideas no one has thought of before. Stories and songs, poems and phrases, music and dreams, that no one has conjured before. That would be a thrill!

I don't want to die a copycat, although I suspect many people have. The problem is everyday we are surrounded by a myriad of ideas and opinions that, if we're not discerning, will strip us of the true you and true me.

We have to filter what we see, hear and read. We have to catch ourselves thinking! You'd be surprised to stumble on the content of your musings. We often don't think very coherently or thoughtfully when we daydream or even when we're thinking normally. See what you catch yourself pondering when you're sitting on the train with nothing to do. Then you'll have an inkling what really influences your thought processes and whether or not they're worthy influences!


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