Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Waiting Room

Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 3:36pm
How much of our life is spent w a i t i n g?

Oh the dreaded word! The reason I thought about this is because I'm currently stuck in the train due to a delay. Waiting.

Really, how much of our life is wasted on waiting?

Well you can't always say its wasted time, though. It depends what we're waiting for.

If we're waiting because we've been delayed, interrupted, due to some inconvenience, then its a waste of time. But if we're waiting, for a loved one to emerge safe from the surgery room, for the plane to arrive and fly us to our destination, for freshly baked muffins in the oven, then the wait is worth it!

I don't even know where I'm heading here. Haha it so happened I was inspired to write about such a diabolically boring topic.

(Oh no, wait, I just thought of a point.)

Regardless WHY we're waiting, whether it is for a ridiculous reason or for a valid purpose, I guess it is what we DO when we're waiting that decides our state of mind. We can be stuck in the train, and get all worked up that it's 'one of those unlucky days'. Or we can think on all the days everything worked out well and be thankful that today gives us a chance to remember those days that we didn't bother to pause and be thankful for.

I agree, its easier said than done!

The waiting periods in life are agonizing! It matters not whether we're waiting for something good, or we're waiting because we've been placed into an unfortunate situation. But what I do and say, and think, at the time of waiting, really shows what sort of a person I am.

Do I complain? Do I treat others with contempt? Do I start throwing a silent fit?
Do I just dream on as I wait? Or do I look to God?

How often DO I look to God?

To some it is a remote notion, to 'look to God'. To others it is an everyday affair.

I do believe that looking to God, prayer, and reflection, makes a whole lot of a difference. It changes the course of my day by first changes the course of my mind, my thoughts, my will. And looking to God, begins with the little things. If we know not to commit to God even the littlest things that we do, how can we even think of surrendering to God the bigger things?

If we know not to turn to God in the seemingly most insignificant waiting periods of life, how will we know to call out to Him when we are in our most agonizing moments?

We are forgetful beings. We rely on ourselves. To rely on Someone we cannot tangibly touch and see, or audibly hear, is close to unthinkable!

But I am convinced I will do the unthinkable. I will believe the unthinkable. Even if the others think me a fool. Will you be a 'fool' in that sense?

It is in the silence that we hear the inaudible. It is in the moments of waiting that we learn to be thankful for the rest of the time that we do not have to wait.

It is in the waiting room that we have another God-given window of opportunity to pray, and allow God to turn a potentially hopeless situation around for us.

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