Monday, July 25, 2011

P a s s i o n

by Janielle Beh on Sunday, July 10, 2011 at 10:46pm

Few people have true passions in the journey of life. We often stumble onto something that catches our eye for a moment, but then we do not really find the passion, dedication and courage to pursue it further.

A passion for something, someone or a cause is what drives our life. Unlike mere animals, we are unique individuals created for a unique purpose. No two persons will pursue the exact same thing. Each one goes through experiences unique to themselves. We were made to live for something, for someone.

Since the Fall, men have made the diabolical mistake of living for THEMSELVES. Ever since, we have all been ensnared in the same trap and deception. We THINK we will find happiness, purpose and passion by living for ourselves, by pursuing success, by seeking an ideology, or pursuing a person we admire, and chasing after the things of this world.

But no, we have missed the point, friends! We were created to seek something beyond ourselves. We were made to live our lives not for ourselves or for this temporal world, but for God! And here's where the deception of all time creeps in. We think that to give our lives to this faraway Creator is to relinquish our freedom, our free will, our identity, our uniqueness. But no, oh no! We are so terribly mistaken!

It is when we give up our lives BACK to the One who is the Source, that we FIND our true identity and passions in life. When we hold back and try to conjure happiness and success by living for ourselves and the things of this world, we are in actual fact hindering ourselves from discovering our true passions and purpose in life. Surely, a nail cannot help a hammer do what's its meant to do, but the person HOLDING it can. If we're looking to all these other temporal things for help to discover our passion and purpose in life, we're looking in the wrong direction. Only the inventor knows best what his invention was created for and what it can do!

What are the passions in your life? If you have some in mind, surrender it back to the One who gave it to you & in that, you will find greater freedom to pursue your passion because you will then see the bigger picture!

If you can't exactly think of one that is really driving your life, then ask God. He will know. Maybe we've all been searching in the wrong places and asking the wrong people who are also sadly lost themselves!

True purpose comes when true passion is unleashed. Apart from God, we can do nothing. All is vanity if nothing is done for God's glory!

~ J a n i e ll e B e h

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