Sunday, October 23, 2011

The You Beneath You

by Janielle Beh on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 12:11am

It hit me just then.

It is the TRUTH of GOD,
that truly changes people.

It's not man's ability, neither eloquent words, nor simply the doing of good things. It is the TRUTH that sets people free! Well, at least those who are seeking and whose hearts are ready to receive it.

Cause' in fact, the truth stinks to people who are happy to remain in the dark. Including me, most times. The truth hurts because it exposes all our wretchedness.

But the truth, spoke in LOVE, liberates all who choose to REALIZE that they have been living (not really) like the walking dead, devoid of love, hope and faith. While outwardly they appear all right, inwardly, their soul is starving. You don't physically, mentally, feel it, but once you stop everything else, or if something terrible happens & all the things that had kept you busy chasing after pointless things are removed, you realize how spiritually deprived you are.

Erwin Raphael McManus in his insightful musing 'Soul Cravings', said, 'Remember, what can settle your mind will not settle your soul.'

In other words, what can temporarily satisfy your 'logical' sense and your physical body, will never be able to satiate the deeper longing of your soul to be filled with the truth and love of God. If you've been living, surviving without it, you know something's been missing. You've denied it, but you know it's there. Nothing can fill that void, nothing in this temporary world can give an answer to that question mark in your soul.

Don't deny it any longer. The body will only last for so long. It is the true you, the you beneath you, hidden behind your physical shell, that matters in the end. Don't chase after the wind hoping to find significance or success on your own! You were made for so much more. If you try to only feed this temporary shell and push aside your soul, in the end you will be just that, both less-than-wonderful on the outside and crumbling on the inside!

We forget what is most ESSENTIAL to our existence. It is the me and you beneath us that counts! Its like how we worry about paying the bills or buying the best clothes, but we seldom ever think twice about having air to breathe. Yet truly, which is more critical to life?

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