Thursday, February 15, 2007

Do you like MATHS?

I know, that was abit abrupt... or unexpected? So, do you actually like Maths? Do you?! *screams impatiently*

I terribly, bitterly, sourly, awfully, badly, dreadfully, extremely, exceeeeeeeee....dingly, HATE (Guess what?)


WHY was maths founded?!

Oh how I wish some daft people didn't created such a ridiculous and outrageous subject! MATHS!! MATHS!! MATHS!! Why, oh WHY must we USE maths?!

Sorry, I'm particularly fuming with annoyance because of MATHS today. It made me extremely irritated. I just don't get it. NUMBERS! I haven't got anything AGAINST it. But you know what? I just CAN'T tolerate it to have to: + - x % divide etc etc. Sheesh. What a NUISANCE.

But oh well, unfortunately, I can't go against GOD. Haha. HE created maths... For... our good... Haih haih. =( God bless us all who hate maths!! And also to lovers of maths: I hate you!! Nolarr... Haiyo, I joking only mah.. =P God bless you too. But I can't, and will NEVER understand HOW you can possibly LIKE MATHS!! *screams my head off*

God is always good =)
Romans 8:28

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