Friday, February 16, 2007

Hello hello hello hello hello??!!!
oh my, what happened to the alignment? nevermind..
HEY!!! How are YOU? =) Haha. I'm in a good cheery mood now... Bla bla bla, la la la.

Okie dokie people, I'd just like to once again REMIND you that TOMORROW (TOMORROW!!), YE will be having a Chinese New Year Party!!!! Woohoo!! So, be there, or be square!! (I think Shannon said that before) =)

I can't wait to see YOU! Its gonna' be great fun, and great fellowship, so that's why I can hardly wait to see YOU! Haha, the party starts at 2pm - 4pm. See you soon, buddy! =D


Hello, partners! We MIGHT be having a short short meeting tomorrow. But maybe not enough time, nevertheless, I'll make sure I talk to YOU for at least 1 minute before the party ends yeah? =P Hahaha. Make sure, make sure...

So till the next exciting post, (what should I say?)

- keep sulking while waiting for the next exciting post!! *laughs hysterically* (wait, it ain't funny rite?)


doinko* for the day... aiks! ;)

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