Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hey hey people! =D

Today's a good day! =) Guess what? Its Easter! In case you were thinking I spent my day painting eggs and eating chocolate bunnies, NO, you're wrong! No no no... Easter's not about colorful eggs and cute bunnies! You've got your facts wrong, my friend. Easter to the world, is just all about painting eggs and wearing hats with rabbit ears. Its just another festival or hoilday time to them.

But for us, Christians, Easter is much much more meaningful! Easter is the day we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! It is today, that we are reminded that after Jesus died on the Cross, on the 3rd day, He rose again. Jesus is ALIVE! Today we remember that Jesus died on the Cross for us, so that we might have new life in Him.

John 11:25 ~ Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the LIFE. He who BELIEVES in ME, though he may die, he shall live."

John 14:6 ~ Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."

Jesus is telling us to LOOK TO HIM! For He is the way, the truth, and the life! Only He can satisfy us. Nothing else in this wretched world can save us, only Jesus Christ. And Jesus already said, no once can receive eternal life except through Him! Remember that, dude. =)

It was a good service in church. I was part of a dance performance, too. It turned out fantastic! And I really REALLY thank GOD that it went well, even though it was a short dance. Haha. When we first practiced, I was so blurr that I didn't even know what was the song we were going to dance along with! Gosh. And I was so positive that I would do badly. But I thank GOD that today, none of us faltered during the dance! =) I prayed really hard, and I knew God would help me. And surely He did! Woohoo, God is great! =D

You know just now, I actually went to the cinema. Haha. And I watched the goofiest (and most boring) show of the year! Guess what?

Mr. Bean's Holiday. (Or is it Mr. Bean On Holiday?)

Please please PLEASE, I warn you: DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE!! Its an utter waste of time! Argh. I absolutely DISLIKE Mr. Bean! That nasty fella'! He's outdated already la. Haha. Gosh. So take my advice, my friend. Its a really pathetic show. Oh well, I'm so sad I wasted my time for that 1 hour. (Yes! The movie's that short!)

So till then, wonderful people! Have a awesome week! =D
Janielle Beh

Oh yes, before I end, I'll post some pics that I didn't have the time to post last Saturday. =)

Guess who??
Gabby Kelly and Me (This was before LIFE RALLY last week.)
Justine, Joyce, Me, Gabby, and Kelly My dad
Ps. Ronald Ooi and Zlwin
Me and Kelly!!
Gabby, Joyce, Sayfryil, and Kelly (Kelly, her name's SAYFRYIL. =D)

Andy telling us his testimony
Aiyo! Not paying attention! Haha, caught you guys day dreaming! Woohoo!

Su Ling and her.. "Tai Koh" pose. xD Hahaha.
Jian Quin the Fair Lady. =)
Zlwin. Wadda?! Gosh, he's quite unruly. xD
Kelly and Lynnette (I snapped them during sermon time. Haha.)

Kelly and Shannon
My group!!! Treasured. (Shannie's group is K.I.N.G, but that day something happened. So she joined mine. =D)
The Oomphers!! (L.I.F.E Cells)
Pinko and his beloved "WIFE"...

Sarah Shannie and Me

Emily and I!!! Eh, sweet la this pic! =)

So tata for now people!!! God bless!!

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