Sunday, May 6, 2007

Heya folks! =)

Have you watched Spiderman 3? I simply think Spiderman is the best superhero ever! =P And the thing is, he's also the saddest superhero. Haha! But I shall not blabber on about his superhero-ness or the opposite: his nerdy-ness, as some say... xD Now only it occured to me to write about Spiderman. Oh bother, please don't think I'll be writing you a full account of what the movie's ABOUT. Haha. But I shall talk about the conclusion of it.

What I love most about Spiderman movies is that each movie has its own lesson. In Spiderman 3, its all about CHOICES. Spiderman said in the end, that we all have a CHOICE. We're not too dumb to choose what's right. Spiderman was influenced by anger and revenge because of his uncle's death. At first, he chose to do wrong. He allowed himself to be eaten up by his evil side. But still, I really like the new spidey suit: the black one. Haha. It seriously looked much smarter, and um... cooler. =P

So, back to the main point: CHOICES. Spiderman 3 talks about choosing to do good, or evil. Many times, we think we have a choice. BUT NO, WE DON'T HAVE A CHOICE!!

Many people think they can live their lives and do their own thing.
We think they have a choice. Many choose to turn away from GOD. Even WE can get fooled by the devil that we don't need God. We think we can jolly well have fun and do what we want to do; we think we have a CHOICE. After all, I am who I am right? I can make my own choices! So why are you forcing me to turn to God? If you're one of them, you're so wrong, dude.

YOU DON'T HAVE A CHOICE! You need God. God created you specially, to fulfill His purposes and will for YOUR LIFE. Without God, you're as good as dead meat. As rotten as rotten apples. As hopeless as a person in a boat with a hundred holes in it. =) YOU DON'T HAVE A CHOICE. You either choose LIFE or DEATH. But what is LIFE, and what leads to DEATH?

John 14:6 ~ Jesus said, "I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE."

Ain't that simple? But the sad thing is, many of us don't get the point. We think we're OK, we're doing great, and WE DON'T NEED GOD. What? You don't need God?! That's the goofiest idea you can think of!

Jesus is LIFE. If you believe in Jesus, and invite Him into your life, you will receive eternal life in Him! But if you choose to turn away from God and turn to the world's pleasures and riches... it'll lead you to DEATH. The Bible already stated that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way. There's no other means!

Remember: YOU DON'T HAVE A CHOICE! You either choose LIFE in Jesus Christ, or DEATH, by soaking yourself in the world's pleasures and temporary riches on earth. So what is your decision? Will you choose to live for GOD, or will you turn away?

The choice is yours. LIFE OR DEATH. Which is better? I'm sure you clever enough the choose the right one. =) Jesus is the way, the truth, and the LIFE! Amen!

Janielle Beh

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