Friday, June 29, 2007

“I FEAR…” (Part 3)

We humans are afraid of so many things! In the previous post, I talked about being afraid, and we forgetting to CALL ON GOD for help. But what are we afraid of? With God by our side, no evil, no fear, can stand against us. Yes, we still fail and stumble sometimes, but if we truly and fully commit our life to God, we’re in God’s hands.

Why are we always so sick with worry? We fear so many things! But fear what?

The common fears…

Fear of the future

Fear of poverty

Fear of sickness

Fear of people

Fear of being lonely

Fear of rejection

Fear of death

Fear of cockroaches

Fear of heights

Fear of animals

Fear of food (nah, I’m just crappin’. Haha, but seriously, people go on extreme diets. And say they’re very fat [most are not]. So I count it as a fear of food.)

Fear of gaining weight (ok, that’s more logical. Hahaha.)

And etc. etc. etc…

What are YOUR fears? Tell me, I’d love to know. =P

The not-so-common fears:

Fear of books (wadda?! Yes, it’s called, bibliophobia!)

Fear of pretty girls (venustraphobia – yikes!)

Fear of the moon (selenophobia)

Fear of ventriloquist dummies (automaton phobia)

Fear of flutes (aulophobia)

Fear of CHURCHES!! (ecclesiophobia)

Fear of computers (logizomechanophobia)

(I feel so smart now. Haha. I got the info from Reader’s Digest. It’s the best magazine in the world!)

Well yeah, there are plenty more weird fears that we weird humans have. But let me add one more…


Aha! Have you ever thought of that? Think about it then. We have to learn to fear God above all else. The Bible tells us not to fear man, but GOD.

Proverbs 29:25 ~ The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.

Yes, we still fear many things. It’s not wrong, OK. We cannot help it. But really, if you learn to fear God above all else – to trust God above all else – you will be safe in His hands.

God covers me and you. Call on the name of Jesus!

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