Wednesday, September 5, 2007


On the 2nd of September, seven Royal Rangers (Zechary, Yu Tjin, Bryan, Hosanna, Renee, Diane, and Victoria) finally received their Gold Medal of Achievement (GMA) award. I witnessed the Council of Achievement (COA) in the main service. Gee whiz, do you know how many SEVEN people are?! It’s quite rare for seven people to earn the GMA at one time. It’s the highest award in the Royal Rangers achievement list. So far, in the KL #1 outpost, only one person (Hansel, I think) is getting it, but incredibly, he managed to complete it in only ONE YEAR! Usually, “normal” people take about 2 years at least to do it. But still, I agree, seven is a good number. =P Good job to you guys who managed to complete your GMA. =D

ARGH, guess what? I’m fuming with rage now. On Sunday there was this march pass presentation by the Rangers in conjunction with the GMA thingy, and I took a video of it. I thought I’ll post it up today, but guess what?! The video is lost! For no reason at all. Argh. Dang. The video is supposedly, “corrupted”. So I just lost a priceless video. Grrr… You can’t imagine how peeved I am now.

The 2nd of September also marks the last day I got to see Denissa, Hosanna, and Cmdr Deanna. The LAST day! Can you believe it? And unfortunately, I’ve only got to know them for a few months. Nevertheless, I’m still very glad and grateful to God that I had the chance to meet them before they are leaving for Abu Dhabi. (Yeah, I think you would want to check the encyclopedia if you’re unsure of where or who Abu Dhabi is.) AHAHAH. They’ll be leaving on the 6th of September (this Thursday – TOMORROW!). Yeah, TOMORROW!

And they’ll be missing this year’s Cookarama! Ahaha. Denissa got extremely desperate during Rangers on Sunday. (I shall not want to explain further, though. =P) Anyway, fortunately, I brought my camera along with me on the LAST DAY. So here are some of the pictures that we took. Sad la, a lot of it was blur because I was in the picture. (That means, since I’m in the picture, there’s no one expert enough to hold the camera while I’m in the picture and take a nice clear picture with me in it la!) Haha, kidding.

So here are the shots. Enjoy. =)

Deni, Amanda, Isaac (Amanda's brother), and I. Our first jumping picture. And also, the clearest picture of all. (Credits to Janice)

Kisses for the girl-who's-gonna-leave-us.

Kaitlynn (Credits to Deni. I quite like this picture. The table is piled up with our stuff!)

Adrienne and Abigail doing merits. (Or rather, rushing to finish their merits... =P)

Amanda, Grace, and Deni

Amanda and I
It was supposed to be a "stressed" looking picture.

Aw man, I wish Janice took a clear picture of this. (Points to Zoe - the first blur figure on the left)

Zoe, Denissa, and "little blur figure", Ashley. Ahahaha.

Abigail and Deni

I didn't take this picture OK...

Someone wanted to squash Zoe's camera.

Sorry for the really blurr pictures. I put the camera to the "continuous shooting" mode. But we were moving too fast, so yeah, our faces are blurr. Gah.

Mind you, I actually have a lot of other pictures. But since they were kinda blurr, and we looked kinda mad in the pictures...

Attempting "lala" poses.

Haha, I was changing the color modes to experiment. =P Shaina, Me, Deni, Zoe, Amanda, and Janice.

Ashley and I
Ashley and Janna

Hosanna and I
Dear Hosanna and Denissa, I pray you'll reach Abu Dhabi safely tomorrow. And please, don’t get too desperate, Deni. AHAHAHA. =P God bless you loads. See you sometime soon! =D Toodles.

By the way, to those of you who'll be crashing KLIA and doing your "operasi" to block KLIA or something to stop Denissa from hopping into the plane tomorrow to fly off to Abu Dhabi so that she can bring oranges and durians and be our main chef for Cookarama this Sunday, I DO hope you're successful. Really, really. =D

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