Sunday, October 21, 2007

Charlene’s Sweet Sixteen

Yesterday night I went for Charlene’s birthday party at her parents’ restaurant. I think her actual birthday is on Sunday. They were also celebrating Colin’s birthday yesterday. Well, I didn’t take A LOT of pictures this time, cause’ we were mostly eating and all. So yeah. But I’ll still be posting them anyway. I got to meet some of Charlene’s school friends, too. So here goes the pictures! ;)

Sayfryil, Renee, Zoe, Shawna, and Dianne

Charlene's schoolmates (I can't remember all their names larr... xD)

Playing Charades. Girls vs. Guys.

Kedric's turn to act.

Kedric in his, "Its IMPOSSIBLE!", state. Hahaha.

Zoe acting.

The guys lost. So they had to do the catwalk.

What Sam did was quite funny. :P Unfortunately, I didn't manage to catch it.

The girls were laughing like mad.

Wee Yen doing the catwalk.

Wei Sern was there also.

The Paper dance game.

Colin cutting his cake. The guys shocked everyone when they gathered around Colin and started hitting him, and I think it was Yu Tjin who smashed his head into the cake! It was rather unexpected cause' no one thought they would misbehave so badly since it was a "proper party." Ahahahaha! =P

Charlene's turn. =)

Yu Tjin and Naeden WANTED to victimize Charlene as well, but fortunately, her mum stood in to protect her, "Whoever smash my daughter's cake, I'll smash that person!"

Charlene's mum was so sporting during the party lah! Haha, quite hilarious. :P

Rabia and I

Gabby, Charlene, and Myra

Me, Francesca, Gabby, and Myra

Jillian, Gab, Fran, Me, Myra, and I-forgot-who-la... xD (By the way, I found out that Jillian is actually Sarah Tan's cousin! Haha, I'll surprise Sarah tomorrow. ;P)

With Anna and Zuraida (I don't know whether that's the right spelling... But it sounds just the way I spelt it la.)

Sweet. ;)

Happy Blessed Birthday, dear! =)

Today I went for YE. One thing I’d like to mention: YOKE PING CAME BACK!!! =D

Quote for the day:

Don’t imitate the world – but let the world imitate YOU.

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