Sunday, October 28, 2007


Early this morning, I found my sister trying to shake me up to get me out of bed. At first, I screamed at her to leave me alone. Then only did I realize that I had to get up to go for the GRC Sports Fiesta.

There weren’t as many people present as I had expected at the sports event. Plus, I found the whole thing rather “loosely coordinated.” Everyone was walking around rather blurrily. But thank God, I did not literally waste my time. I managed to talk to some of my old friends. I was practically walking around and simply chit chatting with different people. At least I went there and accomplished something, right?

Yeah, talking to people. =D

As a result, I got to know a bunch of new friends! That’s what I’m always most happy about. Wherever I go, I know I have another God-given opportunity to meet new people and discover new lives. It’s wonderful to be able to socialize and talk to others, you know. Not everyone can do that.

Yes, I may be homeschooled, but I still have opportunities to meet others and I am so not antisocial, okay… Ahahaha, seriously! A lot of people think homeschoolers have few friends. And they think people who study at home don’t really know how to socialize in a group since they always study ALONE. Oh, hold it there! No, no. That’s the wrong way to think. At least I’M NOT LIKE THAT. Haha. But it varies with different people la, I guess.

I thank God that I got to meet Esther and Debbie – the twin homeschoolers from Seremban, and their brother Jonathan. I managed to talk to Rachel and Sarah See (finally, after so long!), and they introduced me to their cousin, Ass-something-something. Sorry, I actually forgot the other part of his name. But seriously, I only remembered the first part of his name since everyone called him that. Heh. ;)

Later on, I met Melinda and Melissa while playing Frisbee under the scorching hot sun. And Gracie introduced me to a rather new girl in GRC – Lydia, and her sister Hazel. Gosh, I think they look so-o-o alike – that reminds me of Su Ling and Su Mei. =P Puzzlingly, you notice that all the people I mentioned were in “pairs” cause’ they were either brother and sister, or sister and sister. Haha, funny.

I met a few other people also – whose names I forgot. (Haha, it’s usually like that when I meet so many different faces in such a short time.) And guess what? I found out that Dawn is coming for GY Camp! Whoopee! =D Unfortunately, after gaining the opportunity to get to know all these people, I missed the chance to go for youth service in Klang. My dad had a meeting so I had no transport to go.
Oh well, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But it’s best not to brood over your loss. There’s always something better.

Have a nice weekend! God blesscha. =)

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