Monday, October 29, 2007

Mermaids: Reality or Fairy tale?

A bizarre, out of the ordinary conversation with my friend, Rebecca, erupted out of nowhere while we were listening to the Sunday sermon in church today. All of a sudden, Rebecca began by saying:

“Do you believe in mermaids?”

I was stunned out of my reverie. Eyeing her quizzically, I said, “What, did you just actually say, MERMAIDS?”

Rebecca went on to explain that mermaids were real, and that you could find them in the deep unknown seas where they lived on rocks and sang songs. Strangely, it sounded very much like a story I’ve heard before… At first, I thought she was telling me a joke, but then as I asked her more questions, I realized that she really DID believe that mermaids existed! That’s when I told her:

“Who told you that? Nooo… Mermaids do not exist!”

I was laughing all the while, actually. A pure look of shock streaked over Rebecca’s face. Her eyes grew wider with unexpectedness. Yes, the truth hurt. But thank God, the moment passed as quickly as it came, and a relieved expression crossed her face. And we both started laughing at the absurdity of the situation. Curious to know why she actually believed that mermaids were real, I asked her: “Did you ask your parents? How come you actually thought they existed?”

She never asked her parents. Her stark reply was, “I think I read too many storybooks.” I stifled a laugh. Shockingly, she told me that I was actually the FIRST person to tell her the TRUTH about mermaids: they did not exist. She said that whenever she told her friends about them, they wouldn’t show any direct response. They didn’t approve of it, neither did they disapprove it. So she just kept on believing a mere fairytale myth. I found it absolutely uproarious!

While Rebecca might have been disappointed that someone finally told her the truth – after believing a fairy tale nearly all her life – the truth is still the truth. It might hurt, but when you start realizing that the truth is the truth, and you cannot alter it, it won’t hurt as much anymore.

John 17:17 says, “Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.”

Listen to the right counsel. Read the right stuff. It doesn’t mean that we can’t read fairytales anymore, but it simply means that we must learn to judge between a mere fairytale and pure truth.

- Whoopee. I’m finally watchin’ Bourne Ultimatum tonight. =D -

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