Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kwang Hua and Selangor #1 Anniversary (6/10/07)

(Fyi: This is the blasted post I wanted to post yesterday.)

The first thing that comes to your mind: Why Kwang Hua?



I actually FINALLY had the chance to stay over Joyce Shamini’s house on Friday. But we didn’t have much chance to talk since the Rangers’ needed loads of help with their anniversary decoration for the next day. The commanders were seriously working “overtime”. (Wei Loong: But we don’t get paid!) Hahaha, too bad so sad. =P

Yeah, so back to the Kwang Hua part. Joyce had some Christian Fellowship (CF) meeting in school on Saturday morning, so I had the privilege of visiting her school and CF leaders. They were actually appointing new leaders to take up their positions for the next year’s CF. And I thank God that I had the chance to join them since it was a pretty important day for them. I got to meet a few of her school mates whom I met at this year’s Interschool Rally. So yeah, I took a few shots with them.

After that – thank God for KELLY! No, I mean, Kelly’s DAD – our lifesaver! – never mind – and so, we were off to church for Selangor #1’s (Grace Assembly, Klang) 25th Silver Jubilee Anniversary. As usual, I took a whole lot of pictures again. Not much to explain, but I’m just glad that I got to meet the Selangor #1 Rangers again. It’s been like, AGES, since I talked to some of them.

So here goes the pictures. Forgive me, some of the shots are kinda’ grainy and unclear – that’s because I didn’t adjust the ISO properly, and the lighting was rather “terrible”. xD

Su Mei, Kelly Yap, Aiyo! I-forgot-who, Me, and Kelly

With the two Kelly's

S.M.J.K Kwang Hua (Aiyo, pity them lar... Why everyone so against Kwang Hua?) =P
Credits to Zlwin. Whoopee, he taught me how to use the "SCN" mode. I can't believe I didn't even realize it was there all the while in my camera!

Me, Pauline, Sophia, Lee Sherrene

U Mae and I

Adventure Guys and Girls

Stephen and I

Cmdr Ivan, Cmdr Sherene, Me, Joyce, Cmdr Nick, and Rachel

Ivan, Nick, Su Ling, Zlwin (out of place), Cmdr I-forgot-who, and Roy xD

Expedition Hip Hop Dancers.

The people who worked "overtime".

Credits to Zlwin.

Caryn, Nicole, and I

Victoria and I

Rosanne and I

With Grace Tan

Theola and I

With Vyonne

With Bryan and sesat-case Arthur

I love the fairy lights and the glittery stars!

Praise and Worship by Su Ling, Samantha, U Mae, and Dexter

Expedition March Pass

Cmdr Herbert, in the "old times". Ahaha.

Playing with camera effects.

Ranger Kids Presentation

I love this shot. The quality is bad, though - extremely grainy. Haih. But its still good. =)

Red-something-fire-truck dance by Discov Girls

Zlwin Chew. He came to kepo la, seriously. =P

The commanders who have been faithfully serving in Rangers for 25 years already!
Esther Leong and Joanna. They were so funny weih. Kept on disturbing me when I was taking photos, though. Sheesh. Haha.

Discov Boys Presentation: Satan Bites the Dust.

Can you spot the drunkard? That's Darren. The little rascal. Hahaha.


I like this shot. Seems "dramatic" to me.

Adventure Rangers' Presentation

Expedition Rangers Presentation

The End

Zoe Lim's Pictures
Credits to Zoe Lim. Four pictures she took on the way back to PJ in Cmdr Theresa's car. Caption: Save the Environment! (Or was it, Trees?) To Zoe: Aiyoh, I lazy to photoshop and add the words. Haha.
Weird shot. But I don't find it ugly. Haha.

Three elements: Sun, clouds, and tree.

I like this shot. =)

That’s all for now. Phew. ;)

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