Friday, November 23, 2007

Blur Queen

Yes, that’s what my aunt calls me – “blur queen”. I have unintended-ly won the well deserved title. Oh well. But did you know why I was called the great majestic beautiful noble wonderful amazing blur queen today?

Like I told you in the previous post, my mum sent me and my sisters to my aunt’s house today. She flew off to Phuket in the afternoon. When I arrived at my aunt’s house, I realized I had forgotten to bring a few things…

I forgot to bring my hand phone. I feel like slapping myself. Now I remember why I forgot it: when I woke up this morning, my phone was on my bed. I had accidentally pushed it off the bed. I told myself I’ll get it later. But you see, the problem is, I have short term memory loss sometimes – so I FORGOT to retrieve it from under the bed. But that’s not the best part. Or the worst.

Did you know that I actually remembered to bring my hand phone charger?? YESSSSS. But unfortunately, I forgot the reason I’m bringing it, so I forgot to bring my hand phone along. Yesss, I know. Can you believe how dumb that sounds? I feel so foolishly foolish. Aaarrrrggghhh!

The next thing: I forgot to bring my load of piano books. So I can’t go for concert practice and piano lessons until my aunt is kind enough to send me back home to collect all these stuff I forgot to bring. Aaarrrggghhh!

And also, I forgot to bring something for my aunt – some piece of clothing – so she can match it with an outfit she’s planning to wear tomorrow for a function or something. She’s asked me three times to bring it already. And I FORGOT. Oh dear God, what’s wrong with me??!

My mum said that if I continue like this, one day I’ll loose something even greater than just losing or forgetting little things like this. I’m afraid I will eventually loose something big one day. Oh, what if I do? What if?

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