Saturday, November 24, 2007


I’ve finally grabbed the pictures from Zoe’s blog. =) Wheeeee.
Big Apple Restaurant. Hmm, sounds familiar. Oh yeah, no wonder! It's got the same name as Big Apple DONUTS. I wonder who copied who first?
Credits to Zoe Lim. (But I edited these few shots myself laa... ;D)

Miss Tammy Jayne =)

Miss Zoe Lim =D (Credits to me okay... :P) Hehe.

Jack Chin. Name dubbed by Zoe Lim. Or was it Sam who started it? =P Ahahahah.

Zoe says this looks like a scene from Prison Break?

It's a bit dark cause' we were sitting beside the window. Okay, I think that didn't make sense. Oh nevermind, I bet you're genius enough to understand! :P

Zoe, I brightened this shot. =) The original one was so dark, I couldn't see her pretty face. :P

Overexcited? Or was it pay back time?

Fork play.

I like this shot. Credits to Zoe.

I look blissful. xD

Jakunatics. Ha-ha.

The "unnatural-looking" shot. But nice nevertheless. Yeah, I know, who ruined the cake?! Now it's no longer photogenic. Hahahah. xD

- Oh wow, I’m actually having fun at my aunt’s house. Thank God. =D Going off for tea now. -

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