Thursday, November 22, 2007

Nine More Days

Nine more days till my dad comes back. Nine more days till my mum comes back. Nine more days till the pre camp rally. Nine more days till December. Nine more days till the fun begins…

Or not.

Hurray, tomorrow my mum will be sending me and my sisters off to my aunt May’s house. She’ll kiss us goodbye and say hello to Phuket, where she’ll join my dad. I hope nine days will pass quickly. That is only if I’m having fun. I’m kind of upset that I had already finished the two books Amanda lent me. I finished it in three days! Why didn’t I wait and save it to read while I’m at my aunt’s house in case I got bored?

Rummaging the whole house in hopes of finding a readable book to enjoy (or rather, an enjoyable book to read), I found this ancient looking book entitled, Ben-Hur. Yes, Ben-Hur. I had no other choice. It’s better than nothing, at least! And another thing –

Oh how I wish I had my camera with me!

Yes, I DO actually miss it okay. There were certain times when I spotted a good opportunity for a nice photo shot, but then snap! I remember with a pang! that I didn’t have my camera with me. There was once when I spotted this really pretty brown-orangey moth on my yellow curtains. It would definitely have been a nice shot since the sunlight was streaming-in through the curtains. Unfortunately, I could just gape at it and let the moment pass. =(

Nine more days. Yes, nine more days!

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