Monday, January 7, 2008

Theme: Supernatural

Pictures from our first youth church service of the year in Grace PJ.

Felicity in her Superwoman suit. Haha, yeah right. :P

Jessica Choe, my fairy god-mother for the day. Ha ha.

Chee Hong


Miss Sarah Tan! =)

Jeremy Lin (Yeah, Jian Quin's blur banker at camp :P)

Zoe Lim (:

She's my other fairy god-mother. Okay, I think that sounds a bit old. Haha. If only she had her wings...

Wheng Chung - Fuiyoh, with his all-famous helmet, again!

Green group's superhero - Miguel. Har har. :P

Jude - Santa Man. Yeah, with guns.

Aha! Joanne's cheeky face. Hehe.

Zechary Chin. Emmanuel, you fail la, you. (In the field of superhero-outfit designing, I mean. Hahaha.)

Rowena and Jude

Jessica was sharing today.

Amelia Foong

Sarah Tan and I (Haha, I was wearing Marcus Pee's crown. :P)

A belated Christmas gift from Sarah.

:) Hee.

Ai Lyn, me, and Ai Vy

Jaymee, Meena, Peter adjusting his hat, Sabrina, Felicity, and I

The last bunch of us. =)

Oh bummer, I think I’m down with sore throat again.

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