Sunday, January 6, 2008

What About Today

I went late for youth service today. Joyce laa… The famous slow-poke procrastinator. (If that’s the right way to describe her…) Hahaha. I stayed over her house last night, after what seemed like a very, very long time. I used to stay over her house nearly every week. But now we’ve all have different programs for the weekends, so I kinda’ stopped going over so often.

Today in youth church my dad announced that we’ll be called Grace Youth (GY) church from now onwards – along with the youth churches in PJ and USJ. So, now we’re all in this together. Justin Ooi came to join us today, and he co-worship led with Adrian. It was a good service, but like Jon Chandra said, the testimony time was waaaayyy too long. Partly because Zlwin was the emcee, I guess. :P Haha, really la!

And finally, I met Shirlyn and Evelyn! They’ve been missing out for so long. Good thing they’re back now. AND, I heard Lilian sprained her ankle, that’s why she couldn’t come for our first youth service of the year… Yes, I’m talking about Lilian Tang. (Psst, she must have been too hyper in school already…) Haha. And there were two visitors from Glad Tidings, Klang – Melanie and Britannia.

I wanted to post this picture last week. Grabbed it from Zlwin's blog today. Su Ling and her new hairstyle!

Zlwin actually wore his pink polka dot boxers - sincerely given by Shannon and Jian Quin. Mwehehe.

Samantha played keyboard today.

Justin Ooi

Gossshh, he's really hanging out with Adrian pretty much weih. :P

Credits to Jessica Soo. I was flippin' through Jon Chandra's bible.

Amanda Soo and I

Shirlyn, Evelyn and I

Britannia, Melanie, and I

:) Hehe, just for fun. (:

Well, that’s about all. Tomorrow there’s a youth service in PJ. And what may the theme be?


We’re all supposed to come in funky head gears or somethin’, but I haven’t found anything funky enough yet. Haha. Ah well, for now, I’m going to bed. I actually told someone today that I might have contracted “conjunctivitis”. At first, I thought. Well I did feel unusually sick this morning… But there seems to be nothing wrong with me now. I hope. And I do hope there’s Rangers tomorrow. For some reason, I miss it. Hahah. See you guys tomorrow, then!

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