Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Colours of Life

You know, I have often wondered what it would be like if the world was without colours

Oh what a dread it would be!

We see colours in our daily lives so often that most of the time we take it for granted. Imagine if our world were in black and white… Oh wouldn’t it simply be the worst place to live in?! Honestly, I cannot imagine what it would be like if our world was without colours. There would be no excitement in life at all.

Oh how great is our God who was so creative to splash His creation with such a variety and fusion of colours! It’s amazing. I wonder in awe how God “programmed” sunflowers to always grow in a bright yellow and roses a deep red. What makes the leaves turn orange, red, and yellow in autumn? Can such wonders be deemed as a random jumble of nature?

Impossible! Randomization isn’t the answer.

God is.

God made the world a pleasant place to live in! How did God do it? He blessed us with a pair of eyes and ears, a nose and tongue, and a gift of touch to enjoy the life around us. Don’t you realize that our five senses connect us so well with nature and people? It’s no wonder I love taking nature shots! They’re the best – literally, the best – subjects to take.

Sometimes it would do us good to draw back from computers and all the technology we’re engulfed in. Staring at the computer for too long hurts my eyes; but going to the park to watch birds and just stare into the greenness of the grass and trees soothes my eyes. God made the skies blue and the trees green for a purpose. Nature indeed cries out God’s wondrous works and His awesome creativity!

And finally, here’s a collection of my best nature shots that portray the "colours of life"… Enjoy! =)

The vibrant orangey, red, and yellow autumn leaves in Korea. It's just so, so lovely. =)

The bright green-ness of a curled-up fern leaf. (See if you notice the little details that make this picture special...)

Pink cherry blossoms in Korea.

A pretty spotted butterfly fluttering around the purple flowers.

The beauty within a red rose.

A beautiful patterned leaf silhouette with the sunset in the background.

A lovely orangey, peach colored flower.

Sweet lavender colored flowers...

An amazing close-up shot of a yellow and black striped spider on bright yellow flowers. (Aw man, how I wish I knew the names of all these flowers! Maybe I should be a botanist some day... :P)

The lush, grassy green with the trees in "alignment".

Oh, the heavenly blueness of the skies above! (And one white cottony cloud... :D)

The never-ending sea reflecting the blue skies above. I like the way this picture makes the sea gradually get lighter as you look farther...

Oh behold the beauty of the pinkish-orangey clouds at sunset!

The blazing yellow sun with dark wisps of clouds.

The eye God created that beholds the beauty of His creation!

Oh I love this picture! Haha. The silhouetted tree leaves at the top, and the green grass at the bottom. =)

The soothing greenness of grass and trees,

The dazzling blueness of the skies above,

The colorful flowers and buzzing bees,

All of it sums up God’s amazing love!

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