Sunday, August 3, 2008


Wahoo, I’m finally getting a violin of my own! :D *Screaaaam*

In May, I started violin lessons. My parents didn’t buy me a violin immediately because they wanted me to try it out for three months. (It was also partly because they were taken aback that a tiny violin costed that much… Hahaha.) But then again, it’s no wonder. The famous violinist Joshua Bell (who earns 1,000 US for every minute of his playing in concerts) owns a violin that costs 3 million bucks! Crazee…

Considering my parents were still tentative on buying a violin, I really prayed hard that somehow I’d be able to get a violin in three months, which means by August. I think I would be a lot more driven to continue if I had a violin of my own. But of course, I am already motivated by the fact that Michelle Cheong was so kind enough to lend me her violin so I could start learning. ;)

Anyway, you can bet that I was praying very hard for a violin.

And guess what??? My prayer was answered exactly three months later! On the 31st of July, I was totally taken by surprise!

Here’s how it happened…

On Friday, my aunt May (with my wacky cousins) and aunt Rachel came to our house for dinner. After the meal, I was asked to present some songs since they heard that I was learning the violin. Being a beginner, I could only present them with a few “beginnerish” songs… :P Nothing brilliant, really. And when my aunt Rachel asked about the violin, I told her that I was borrowing it from a friend, since we were still unsure about buying one.

A moment later, right out of a blue, my aunty Rachel had me taken aback when she said that she wouldn’t mind buying me a violin to motivate me to continue playing! For a moment, my mind didn’t exactly register what she said. It’s quite extraordinary that someone would offer to buy you something so exclusive, like a violin… I genuinely surprised!

Guess what I replied?

“Oh my gosh… Are you serious?!? If you are, I think I’m going to cryyy!”

Honestly, I really thought I was going to cry. Ahaha. A violin would be the most expensive gift I’ve ever received! I was truly surprised and touched when my aunt offered to buy me a violin as a motivation for me to excel in it! In my heart, I was screaming my thanks to God for answering my prayer. =) It’s bedazzling how God works. He’s a real good surpriser! ;)

And finally, to my aunty Rachel, thank you so much for your touch of kindness and thoughtfulness to buy me a violin of my own. I am really, really, very, very motivated to do my best in playing the violin! :P Thank you so much. =)

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