Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Band Practice

This is a really nice song called the Hiding Place by New Life Worship, which is under Desperation Band.

Once again, Jon Ngin introduced some new songs to the worship team. Hiding Place is one of them. I really haven’t heard of New Life Worship or Desperation Band until last Saturday when we had our first practice. They’re a Christian band from US and they’re pretty good.

On Sunday we had an “emergency” practice in Arun’s house for this Saturday’s 24 hours prayer meeting (8/08/08 event). We crashed his house and fiddled with his PS3 and his super cool electric drums. Hahaha. Felicity and Jon Ngin were leading the team.

We will be playing for the youth slot from 2-5 pm this Saturday. It’s open to all you youthful peeps out there! So do come and join us for this special prayer meeting event. =)

Here are some pictures I grabbed from Sabrina (she’s singing for this Saturday). :D

Sabrina captioned this picture "Defensive people..." in her Facebook album. Hahaha.

We had loadsa' pizzas for lunch! (Roberts getting overexcited.)

The guys discussing how to secretly evade Felicity so they can play PS3 in Arun's house later. Haha.

Having our pizzas. Classified chicken rocks! Haha. We had a few "funny moments" at the dining table. Like, the cuckoo cuckoo clock. :P

Then we started practice. Jon on his bass and wearing the really effective "mufflers" to muffle out the noise we were all making. Hahaha. Arun's in the background banging on his electric drums.

Stephen jamming on the keyboard.

Peter Kong on his electric guitar.

Arun all smiles.

Since the piano wasn't in the jamming room, Stephen and I had to take turns with the keyboard.

Yeah, you can bet it was A LOT of NOISE... Ehehe.

And finally, our worship leader Felicity jamming on the super cool electric drums. Man, the sound effects were reaaal entertaining! Ahaha. =)

It was a fun day. We played some really weird games on Arun's PS3 later on. AHAHA. :P

So till then, hope to see ya'll at the event this Saturday! ;)

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