Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why So Serious? o.O

Bryan must be thrilled that I used the Joker’s favorite line as my title today. AHAHA. :P

Yes, I’ve finally watched The Dark Knight a week after it was released! Haha. x) My sisters and I followed my cousin Jon Lee and his family out for the movie.

The Dark Knight is by far one of the best movies of the year! I like the way the scenes flash back and forth in different situations. I could feel the “tension” with the people sitting beside me wei. Hahaha. And there were also a few times when I actually thought the movie was going to end, but it didn’t!

Oh and you’re all totally right! The best and most anticipated parts of the movie are taken by the psychopathic Joker. Heath Ledger played the role most splendidly. He was very unpredictable and artfully disturbing. You notice that most people come out of the cinemas talking only about the Joker. Hahaha.

If you were wondering why I haven’t been updating the past four days, I have actually been staying over at my cousins Justine and Jaedon’s house! My sisters and I are staying over cause’ my parents left for Sipadan for a dive trip on Thursday – excluding us… =( But on a bright side, we get to catch up with our cousins again after such a long time! Whoopee. :D

Yesterday, I followed Justine to DUMC’s youth church. They call it XYZ – Xtraordinary Youth Zone. Their youth service is held on Saturday afternoons. It was pretty cool joining them. The peeps there were friendly and fun. :P

In yesterday’s service, they screened a video of an explosive sermon by Pastor Louie Giglou. He talked about God’s astronomical grace and awesomeness! I felt so awed after watching it. Louie Giglio blew our minds away with some real mind blowing pictures (duh...) that were captured in space by the Hubble Space Telescope some thirty billion light-years away. There were a lot of other interesting pictures. I will Google them up and write a full post about what I learned in XYZ soon. =)

So till the next post, have a fabulous weekend y’all. ;)

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