Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rays of Hope

A few days ago, I stumbled upon another splendid photo shooting opportunity!

I entitled this post “Rays of Hope” because the pictures are just full of ‘em.

Aha, with these new captures, my Flickr page is updated again! :D

I love this! The warmth of the sunshine is so delighting.
It took me quite awhile to adjust my position so that the sunrays will appear like this in the picture.

Notice the sparkle of sunlight beaming through the leaves? It's a pretty small detail at the bottom corner, but yet it contributes so much to this picture. Without it, this would be less than ordinary.

The whole "mood" of the picture suddenly changes, huh? For me, it suddenly feels so bland and monotonous in B&W. I suppose nature shots are still at their best when the picture's in full colour!

The sun gleaming through the silhouetted leaves.

Reach to the skies!

The sun between my two fingers.

Ooh I simply love the dazzling sunrays captured in this shot!

A plant under the blazing sun. I had to bend so low to get this. Haha, but its all worth it once the perfect picture is finally snapped!

While bending down to snap the previous shot, I noticed the stalk of the plant had four tiny water droplets on it. You can see in this macro shot that the droplets are aligned so perfectly. I wonder how it ended up this way. And you wonder how I actually noticed such tiny details. Hahaha. (Considering how blur I am usually...)
I suppose I'm not blur when it comes to photography.
Can't be. :P


A white butterfly posing with a bunch of purple flowers. I waited more than half and hour outside in the garden until I managed to take a perfect still-shot of this flittering butterfly.

People ask me how I take such pictures. Man, I tell you, its not as easy as it looks. Sometimes, its an easy shot. Sometimes its a fluke shot. But most times, I have to plan the picture and visualize how I want it to look like in a frame. It usually costs me a lot of time and patience to stay put at that one spot until the perfect-est picture is snapped!

Yeah, you bet I can be such a perfectionist when it comes to photography. Ask my sisters. I always, always insist that every photo must be in the right angle, composition, and lighting. I usually come up with multiple shots of the same subject. Then in the end I'll delete all the "less-than-perfect" ones and finally end up with only ONE shot that I think is the perfect-est of the lot. Hahaha.

I added to this picture the verse from Colossians 3:2.

"Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things."

Hope you were "enlightened" by the pictures. Have a splendid day. =)

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