Thursday, February 5, 2009

3 Days Later

Man, I feel so much better today! School was quite fun actually. I had 3 double periods of violin, Math Methods, and Music Technology. It was all pretty interesting. Maths was a bit boring because it was easy stuff. I sat beside Stephanie, my good ol’ new found friend. She’s new, too. Steph just arrived here a month ago, and she’s from Malaysia as well.

Yesterday we actually had a Swimming Carnival where all the students participated in swimming events. It was pretty boring at first because I didn’t know anyone in my Blue House. But after an hour, I decided to just join in whatever events I could sign up for. It ended up to be quite fun.

The funny thing about the Swimming Carnival was that I was probably the only girl who wasn’t wearing a bikini into the pool. Haha. I was wearing the only swimsuit I had – the one I used when I went diving in the tropical waters of Phuket. And I realized that there were no other Asian girls who joined the events! Blackburn only has maybe 15 percent Asian students, or much less.

And oh yea, I finally met Michelle Wong (a.k.a Lin Li) today! She skipped school for the first three days cause' she only got back from M'sia on Monday. Although I only vaguely remember her when we met on Facebook, it was still a relief to connect with her in school! =) I got to know the girls she hangs out with at lunch, and it was pretty cool getting to know them all. It really helps A LOT that now I know someone who’s been in the school for 2 years. She can help me familiarize with the place much faster. :D

Oh, I should also tell you guys more about Stephanie. When I first met her on Monday, I found out that she’s also doing piano and violin! It was so cool to meet her. After 3 days hanging out with Steph at recess and lunch, I think we’re already becoming pretty good friends. I’m starting to find out that we have quite a few things in common. Haha. I really thank God for blessing me with a handful of friends already.

School over here is pretty laid-back. Its fun and students are used to speaking up in class. Right from Year One the kids are already taught to speak up in front of others, to ask questions, and do oral reports. You get to be really creative in whatever subject you’re in. And if you need help, the teacher will come and explain stuff to you. Also, one really good thing is each class in limited to only 25 kids.

While it’s still our first week, we are still adjusting to the totally new timetable and to waking up early. Haha. You know, every morning when I wake up, I wonder aloud how I will manage to get up in winter! It’ll be freezing! xD

Anyway, I can’t ramble on anymore. I’ve got to practice violin. I’m still trying to make it a point to play at least one hour on school days. It’s so not easy! But thankfully, it’s not impossible either. Hopefully everything will continue to play out well.

Till then, g’day mates! ;)

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