Monday, February 2, 2009

My First Day at High School

School didn’t get me totally excited, or nervous – maybe just a bit of both. Naturally, I wondered if I will easily make some new friends. I prayed that there’ll be some friendly kids around. I prayed that I’ll have good, dedicated teachers. This morning when I slipped into my uniform, I looked in the mirror and rolled my eyes. My shirt looks so unfitting! Ugh. Oh well, no choice, life goes on.

Janna and I arrived at school at 8.45 and went to our Year 7 and 10 groups in the assembly. When the teacher began a speech, I said under my breath, “MY GOSH, I’M ACTUALLY IN SCHOOL NOW!” Haha. I didn’t know a single soul. I felt so new and fresh and yes, pretty lost. But it was a familiar feeling. Like the very first day of school – again.

High school here is like college. We don’t stay in the same class with the same people for the whole year. For each period, we go to a different class and meet a different group of people. Between the six periods, we’ll go to our lockers and grab the books we need for the next class. The good thing about it is I’ll definitely have a wider circle of friends in the long run. And it’s not so boring.

But for today, I felt totally lost! It was discouraging because there was no orientation or “welcome” for the new kids. Oh well, I guess that’s how it is. So I learned to be a loner for a while. But don’t get me wrong. I WASN’T ANTISOCIAL. Hahaha. That would be the biggest joke of all! In fact, though I felt very much alone, the whole time I had tried to mix with whomever I could spark a conversation with.

I met a handful of girls who were pretty nice. I wasn't alone at recess or lunch, thankfully. They were friendly enough, but I guess that although I was the new person, I was many times friendlier. Sigh. You know, I’ll make sure that whenever I see new kids in class, I’ll be the first to talk to them and make them welcome!

It was harder for me to make friends because most of them already had their cliques and obviously, why would they bother about some new Asian girl? But for Janna, it was easier cause’ her year is just starting and all of them needed to make new friends. It was easy for Jirene as well. She’s having lots of fun – primary school is like a big playground!

Anyhow, at the end of the day, I learned to place my security in God once again. I learned to put aside my disappointment, my worries, and insecurity. Although I will feel it again, I know that God will give me strength to face the next day. When I felt alone and weak, so new and just plain blur, I called out to God. It’s just a little thing, but I know that if I put confidence in myself alone, I won’t get anywhere.

It is challenging, especially when not all kids are friendly and helpful. But I’m sure I’ll learn many new things about myself and relating to different people. After all, it was only my first day! It’s hard, but I resolve to place my trust and confidence in Jesus. It’ll make all the difference in the world! Wherever I am, I want to be a testimony for Christ. That will make all the difference in the world, too.

I admit that I am weak. I haven’t experienced high school like most of you do. And I know that no one can give me more strength and courage than God.

So, I’ll let out a big, long sigh and say: I look forward to many good & bad experiences in school because tomorrow’s always a new day! ;)

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