Thursday, February 12, 2009

A New Phase

Howdy, friends!

Life has no doubt been pretty interesting. Nothing spectacular, but it’s definitely different from last year. And, school is getting better by the day! It’s only my second week, but I’m getting pretty familiarized already. Janna and Jirene are having a really grand time, too. By golly, Jirene is actually waking up at 7 am for school!!! HAHA.

I really thank God that we’re adapting so easily. It’s really by God’s favour and grace, considering we were homeschooled and the fact that school here is very different from M’sia. I thank God each day for every new friend I make and for every challenge and experience that comes my way. It’s a new phase in my life, and I want with all my heart to enjoy it and give God the glory at every opportunity!

And oh yes, I should tell you guys about our school’s annual House Music Festival! It’s so cool. The House Music Festival is a highlight every year where all four houses – Cuthbert (the one Janna and I are in), Landy, Porter, and Strickland – will each organize a musical and perform it for the school and all the parents. We’ll be judged by our performances and it’ll be great fun.

We will be presenting on the 20th of February. Our house is performing The Nightmare Before Christmas. A big group of us will make up the choir, the instrumental group, the actors and dancers, and everyone helping with costumes and props. We are headed by three Year 12 students. Bearing in mind that they have to bring such a big group to work together and polish up the play in two weeks, it’s not easy. Plus, we don’t get help from any of the teachers at all!

For the past few days, I’ve been occupied with the rehearsals at lunch time and after school. It’s tiring and takes a lot of our time cause’ we’ll be crashing through the week with full-on rehearsals. But I really don’t mind cause’ it’s an awesome chance for me to get to know other people and I enjoy practicing music in a group. I think it’s an opportunity of a lifetime and there probably will not be another experience like it!

Although all my friends weren’t interested in joining, I decided to go ahead and be part of it anyway. My parents encouraged us to join whatever program the school offers. So by taking a step forward even though all my friends didn’t want to, I’m rewarded with another group of friends that I met and still am going to meet during the practices.

I’ll be playing the piano for one song as an accompaniment to the choir and another song with an Italian-Aussie guy called Josh Dima. At first, I was kinda’ like a “nobody” since I was new. But after offering to help with the piano – since Cuthbert doesn’t have a House pianist other than the Italian dude – and thankfully after doing a pretty good job at it, I think they recognize me better now. Haha!

I was also hoping to play the violin in the instrumental group for one of the other songs. It’ll be really cool since I haven’t got the chance to perform with my violin! And oh, not to forget, Janna is involved in the musical, too. She’s singing and acting.

Meanwhile, amidst all our school drama, my parents are still job hunting. My dad has applied for a few interesting jobs. One of it includes a “Funeral Consultant”. HAHA. Seriously. But he didn’t get that one since the interviewers suspected that he won’t be interested to continue the job for long. Haha. But it would’ve been really cool if Dad got it. xD Anyway, we’re still praying for God to open the right doors. So keep us in your prayers! ;)

Oh yay, tomorrow’s free dress day! We get to wear anything BUT our uniforms for school. :D

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kee mew said...

hey there
i just read a few recent post ^_^
thanks for sharing your life.
I am quite encouraged by the works of God and yours in your life :)

Jean Marc

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