Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blackburn High’s House Music Festival

Yesterday’s House Music Festival was a blast! It was so much fun!!! :D I didn’t expect it to turn out so awesome. The four musicals that were presented by Cuthbert, Landy, Porter, and Strickland houses were simply amazing. Every actor, dancer, singer, and musician that survived the crazy rehearsals during these 11 days did such a splendid job! All the hard work paid off well and the audience’s applause for each performance was bombastic. I loved every bit of it. :D

Janna and I spent the whole day in school yesterday. At about 6 pm, we started to get into our Halloween costumes and all of us got our masks, make up, and face-painting on. It was really cool. I think our musical had the best and most fun costumes! We looked freaky hey. :P I had this really cool flowing black top that looked vampire-ish. (I actually found it in my mum’s closet.) :P It was perfect for the occasion! And Janna was acting as a witch. Her pale-green face and black lips freaked me out!

Our house – Cuthbert – was the first to perform. We were so pumped up for it. Our musical The Nightmare Before Christmas turned out well and at the end of it, we received an awesome applause from the big crowd of parents & students. We had so much fun doing it for real! Though there were some glitches in between, we were all very pleased with the overall outcome.
What got me so amazed when I watched the other performances was the fact that all of us had only 11 days of practice. And we managed to come up with costumes for everyone, props, dance pieces, and some really good instrumental pieces. Note that it wasn’t a simple skit or something – it was a 30 minute performance! There were so many notable talents. Many could sing and act really well and there was so much fun and humour.

House Music it’s a yearly tradition at Blackburn High and it’s also a competition. So at the end of the night, the winner for the best musical was awarded to Porter house! They played the Pirates of Penzance. Landy house – who played Hercules – came in second, and ours came in third followed by Strickland who did The Aristocrats. Porter really deserved the win because they had a great variety of everything that a musical should have. They’ll get the chance to perform for the whole school next week. =D

I have no regrets joining House Music. Most of my friends at school haven’t joined even though they’ve been here for a few years already. I wished they did. It’s one of the best and most fun performances I’ve ever been a part of, considering I didn’t know anyone in my house at first. I really thank God for the opportunity and that I am here to experience this in such a time in my life. =)

And oh yes, I’m sure you’re very impatient for the pictures. :D So here we go. ;)

A group picture taken at the music hall before our performance. Haha, we looked so crazy!

Michelle Bedggood and I. She's in Year 10 as well.

Rawr. :D

Josh Dema, me, and Michelle. I was playing the piano with Josh for one of the songs.

Haha, Janna looks so gross right. :P The girl beside her is Hannah Casihan. She's from Phillipines.


One of the scenes in the Nightmare Before Christmas. Aw don't you love the way we look? It's so colorful! What a freaky bunch. Haha. I wished I could have been in the audience to see what we looked like. xD

Jack, the Pumpkin King! Haha. The role was played by Elijah Cornish, our house leader.

The dancers in their scary poses.

At the end, the instrumental group played the final music medley. For those five minutes when three of the actors were acting in front of the curtains, the rest of us were behind the curtains busy arrange the music stands, the chairs and our instruments! It was havoc because there was little light in the back stage. Haha. Well, that's what happens behind all the glamour.

Whee. First time on stage with my violin! The guy beside me is Patrick Casihan. He's in the same violin class as I am. It was fun practicing with him.

Landy house performing in the Hercules musical.

There was a lot of humour in every play. I loved watching every bit of it!

Mr. Hardie, our school's assistant music director.

The last performance by Porter house called the Pirates of Penzance. This one was really extra good. Everything was planned to precision.

Aye aye pirates!

All of us gathered on the stage after all the performances to see which house will be announced the winner.

There was so much cheering, clapping, and screaming after that!

With the Millane sisters, Mira and Yana. They were in the Pirates of Penzance.

Me, Jess, Jenny, and Ling Yun.

These girls are heaps of fun! I got to know them through Michelle Wong. :D
Okie dokie, this really took me a lot of time! Haha. Hope the pictures did give a hint to all the great performances we had. I'll post some videos when I have the time.
Have a fantabulous weekend, peeps! ;)

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