Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Time in 4 Months!

Today I had a swimming competition, so I got the chance to skip school. I was chosen to represent the school in swimming Breaststroke with Susan Pennings against two other schools: Vermont South and Forest Hill. I’d say that today was a bad, bad day to swim.

We had to swim in an outdoor pool and the catch is: it was freezing today! The weather took an unexpected turn and there was a strong chilly wind the whole morning. The sun was out for an hour or two, then the gloomy clouds blew over, and it was freezing all the way. I managed to swim anyhow. I came up at 3rd place. Not bad, considering I dived in feeling as stiff as a frozen chunk of tuna. Haha.

Anyway, I consider it a pretty fruitful day, cause’ I got to know this Year 10 girl called Laura Pennings. We hung out together the whole morning. I’ve never had to the chance to talk to her this much. So today turned out to be a good opportunity even though I didn’t expect it.

And I should explain the title of my post by now. For the first time in four months, I finally felt the achy feeling of “homesickness”. I missed M’sia! The first thing I missed was the tropical weather. Nice and warm. You don’t even feel hot or cold most of the time – it’s just nice. I guess I missed it cause’ I was sitting in an open air place, shivering with the cold wind blowing. Remember, I was dripping wet in a swimsuit. Haha.

After the fleeting thought of warm weather, I thought of some people who made life meaningful in M’sia. I suddenly thought: Man, what am I doing here!?

I guess that’s what homesickness feels like. But it’s the first time in four months. Haha. Not bad huh. Anyway, I’ve got my family here. Thank God. Sometimes I guess I take my dad and mum – and sisters – for granted. But I still remember that they’re the best people I’ve got.

Well I gotta’ run now. Tomorrow’s another crazy day of rehearsals. There’s Concert Choir in the early morning, Strings Orchestra at lunch, and Symphony Orchestra after school until 5.30. My, oh my.

Hope you guys are doing well. Keep us in your prayers. There’s so much that is uncertain! But I guess that this is a time where our faith is tested and it will be increased.

G’day mates. =)

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