Sunday, May 17, 2009

Janna’s Birthday :)

Just an hour ago, we celebrated Janna’s first birthday in Australia. Well in our family, she’s the first to celebrate. All our birthdays are one after another. Haha. :D Janna’s turning 13 this year.

We celebrated at an Italian restaurant called Sofia’s. Its well-known here for its huge portions (even by Aussie standards, I should think…) and overflowing plates of pasta. We had a real sumptuous meal. My parents treated us to the ice cream sherbet and gelati for dessert. Man, it’s too much sugar for one night!

I remember we used to have buffet dinners for our birthdays. Over here there are no pish-posh hotels to be found. Well, unless it’s in the city, I guess. But that’s too far away. Next time when we go back, it’ll be so cheap to go for all the good food we want. :D

Till the next post, have an awesome week ahead! God bless ;)

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