Saturday, June 6, 2009

Performance at The Arts Center

Hey there y’all! Man, I’ve sure been missing in action. I’ve been occupied with so many things. I never go online on weekdays and the past two weeks I hardly even managed 2 hours on weekends! As you know, I’ve just started playing oboe, and I’ve been trying to rearrange my timetable to squeeze in practice for another instrument. Haha, I know, sounds like I hardly have a life. Well I have to admit, sometimes I do feel like that.

To really pursue music, I need to have the passion for it man. But I guess if I didn’t have the passion for it, I wouldn’t have made it up till now. Anyhow, without God answering my prayers and opening all these opportunities, I wouldn’t be anywhere in the first place. So yes, I’ll continue to play.

I am just reflecting on these past few months since we came here. This year is just filled with so many first time experiences. It’s unbelievable that half a year has already passed! I’m in the middle of my semester test now. In just 5 months, we’ll be celebrating our one year in Melbourne. I want to enjoy this year, but it seems like there are just so many things I’m occupied with that I can’t fully savour every bit. Grr.

Anyway, my latest “happening” event was a performance with my school’s Symphony Orchestra at the Melbourne Arts Center in the city. It was so cool! The hall was so huge and there were 4 levels of audience. When we were performing, the audience looked like a big black hole. I could barely hear myself when I played. But it was such a nice experience. To perform at Hamer Hall in the Victorian Arts Center – what an opportunity!

This concert is called the Eastern Metropolitan Region Concert, where around 850 students from 60 schools around Victoria come together in various bands and orchestras to sing, act, and play music together for this one night concert at the Arts Center. It was a great first time for me.

My family was there for the concert. My dad took a few pictures only cause’ cameras are not allowed. Anyway, here are some nice ones. =)

That's the Art Center. The blue spire. It changes color every now and then.

It's beautiful :)

Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andrew Wailes. We were the last to perform. We played Starflight Overture and Star Trek - Through the Years. And we also played the finale song for the end of the concert.

Posing for a shot in Hamer Hall at the Arts Center. Don't they look so stylo in their boots!

Ooh don't you like my red coat. It's my first one. Haha. Okey dokey. Its bedtime now!!! Hopefully you’ll hear from me soon again. =P Have a fun weekend. ;)

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