Sunday, June 14, 2009

Seeing Light in the Dark

Today, I strangely decided to turn off the lights when playing the piano. I sat in darkness for a minute, soaking in the “stillness of the moment”. Don’t you think that’s what we all need sometimes? Just to be silent for a moment and hear the music inside. =)

You know, my piano teacher and I have one cool thing in common: we both like to play in the dark – or at least in natural light. Ms. Sandra told me that when there’s artificial light, its light particles clash with the sound particles. Something like that. I should do some research on it. Interesting stuff. Oh anyway, back to…

It was quiet and dark. There were no distractions. AND THEN, inspiration struck! I suddenly “heard” a faint melody – an imaginary tune in my head. I then placed my fingers on the keys that I thought would produce the same sound and mood of music that was conjured in my mind. Amazingly, the notes were a perfect fit! I loved it. It’s been awhile since I’ve composed something and played it with real expression!

This sort of musical inspiration rarely strikes. I am amazed that the pre-conceived tune can be generated through my fingers. And it all starts from merely being still and quiet. But, it doesn’t happen all the time. And that’s what fascinates me.

In relation to that, I was struck by a wonderful insight later on. A sentence dropped into the surface of my thoughts saying:

“It is only in the darkness that you can see the light.”

I pondered on this strange sentence for a moment. Seeing light in the darkness. Have a think about it. Do you find it true? I could relate it easily to my experience at the piano. When the lights were out and there were no distractions, I actually saw that flicker of light in my mind’s eye – and the music began.

This brought to my mind the fact that I am always so distracted by the noise and flashing lights of this world that I fail to hear God’s still voice or see His Light. Doesn’t it hold true for all of us? God’s light no longer glows on our faces and makes any difference to people who do not know Jesus.
It’s also true that many times we only “see the Light” in our dark moments and troubled times. I think that’s why oftentimes God has to allow us to fall into our “dark moments” so that we can see His Light in our lives once again.

The sentence continued bugging me. I decided to turn to God’s Word and see if this could’ve anything to do with it. And remarkably (!) when I “randomly” flipped through Psalms, my eyes fell on Psalm 112:4. It says,

“Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness.”

My eyes nearly popped out. I was thrilled! Then I knew that surely this insight was not based on my own intelligence. It was already in God’s Word ages ago! No wonder the Bible says that the wisdom of man is foolishness with God. I am reminded again that the wisest thing to do when you’re unsure about something like this is to check with the Bible.
I hope you’ll also discover for yourself many hidden treasures in God’s Word. It’s never ending, my friend!

God bless and have a marvellous week ahead. ;)

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