Friday, June 19, 2009

Winter Begins

Man oh man, its already halfway through June 2009! And by the way, winter is here.

I hate to have to wake up in the early morning cold. Seriously, I now wish I had been more grateful to wake up in the “normal” temperatures in summer or back in M’sia. My dad always laughs at the way I sleep. I’ll cover my whole body – even my head – and wrap myself like a mummy in my heat-trapping blanket. Yeah, no wonder I dislike waking up and getting out of my warm cocoon.

Oh and I just realized that I’ve been already getting used to wearing 4 to 5 layers everyday. EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! It’s so troublesome, I tell you. Anyway, I’d better not complain anymore or else I’ll become more depressed about it. Hahaha. We still have until September to survive. =D … =/

But yeah, we are actually coping surprisingly well with winter, considering it’s our first.
In the morning, we can even see “smoke” when we talk. Haha. It might sound fun. But remember, it’s really COLD. It’s a biting cold – in a sense that my fingers have a stinging sensation because of the cold.

Anyway, here’s another update other than winter blues: my mum has found a job! It’s a part-time telemarketing job. While we thank God for this opening, one of my parents still need a full-time job to fulfil the PR requirements. So yeah we’re praying for that. And for me, other than teaching piano, I’ve been trying out some work experience at an ice-cream outlet called Wendy’s in the mall near our house. It’s a pretty fun job. But I still need to beat my blur-ness at times… Hahaha.

Well, I gotta’ go now. Have a nice weekend, folks!

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