Monday, July 6, 2009

Amelie & Camilla’s Farewell

Yesterday, our family invited my two piano students, Amelie and Camilla over for dinner after Amelie’s last lesson.
All thanks to my mum who had kindly suggested it! And my dad spontaneously said, “Why don’t you invite Camilla as well?” We had such a fun night hey! I’m so glad my mum brought up the idea. :D Amelie said, “Oh, this is simply the best night I’ve had since the holidays started!” =)

My mum cooked a mix of Chinese and Western with salad and some marinated chicken.
She also did two desserts, Banana & White Choc cake and a sweet coconut milk with sago & sweet potato. We had a hearty meal and a great conversation time. I’ve never really got the chance to talk more with Amelie cause’ she learns from school, unlike Camilla, who comes to my house. I’ve talked to Camilla a lot more. But surprisingly, Amelie opened up yesterday and she started talking non-stop! :P Haha. Yes yes, I’m a very chatty piano teacher. I’ll ask all about my students.

Amelie is from Germany’s capital, Berlin, and Camilla’s from Denmark. They told us many things about where they live and Amelie told me tons about her trips to many countries. It’s so good for them! They get to visit all the cool places in Europe, and it’s all just like 1 or 2 hours away! Going to Paris or France or Italy is just a breeze. If I went to Italy, it’ll be a big, “Oh wow!”

I’ve learned tons from teaching Amelie and Camilla. At the same time, it opened many other opportunities for me. My piano teacher, Sandra, also found out about it and she occasionally gives me some teaching advice. And yes, I’ve always wondered why Mrs. Carrington (my violin teacher) asked me to teach Amelie. After all, I’m a new student myself. And even if I was that good, she probably wouldn’t have thought to entrust me with an international student, right? Well, that’s how I see it. But all glory to God, I did pray for such an opportunity to teach. I just didn’t know how it would come! =)

Anyway, here are some memorable pictures we took. :D

At the dinner table. Yum yum. We found out that Amelie was a vegetarian. Haha.

Me and my beloved students at the piano! =)

Camilla playing Ballade Pour Adeline. I'll post their videos next time. :D

After dinner, we showed them some of my parents diving videos cause Amelie was telling us that she once tried diving in Cuba.

I'll miss you two. Amelie's going back next Sunday and Camilla in August. I only wish we had a longer time to teach and learn from each other!

Amelie and Camilla are such hard-working students! I couldn’t ask for more as a teacher. I don’t know if I somehow influenced them with my lunch time practices, or they just enjoy it that much. Amelie & Camilla practices 30 mins before school and 1 hour after school everyday! I could only wish that they had a piano of their own!

Although it has only been 6 months, Amelie has improved very much. At the start, she always had to write the alphabets under the notes, and I was quite annoyed cause’ she never read the music notes. But just a month ago I made my stand and said, “Amelie, I want you to stop writing the alphabets. Stop reading the letters. Read the notes! I know it will take you awhile, but if you force yourself and work at it several times, it will become easier and finally, you’ll be able to read music notes.”

To my delight, she listened to me! Two weeks later, she totally made do without the alphabets under the notation. Its so much easier to play now. I’m really brimming with gladness! Heh. ;)

Well, I gotta’ run now. I’m off to Sydney in 3 hours! With plenty of pictures and stories, I’LL BE BACCCK.

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