Saturday, July 4, 2009

Emmy’s Birthday

Emmy is a new girl in my school. I only got to know her 2 months ago. But I remember we did have a pretty long conversation one lunch time, and I got to know her better. She moved here from England some 4 years back. She’s half Egyptian! Hmmm, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many people from colourful backgrounds and places since I came here. Anyway, Emmy invited me for her sweet16th birthday party.

I was kinda’ nearly the only one from Blackburn High at the party yesterday. Haha. But it was okay, I got to know her other friends from her church and her previous school. Here are a few pictures we took. =)

Nikki (Emmy's old school friend from Frankston), Emmy, me and Marina

Can you believe it, Nikki's younger than me!
Yes yes, I know, I was the only one not wearing a "party dress". It was freezing yesterday by the way. After taking the photos, I immediately put my red coat back on!

Happy Birthday, Emmy!

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