Thursday, July 2, 2009

Winter Concert

Last week, our school held the second concert of the year: the Winter Concert. This time round Janna was performing in the Quattro Strings and I was again in the Senior Strings Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra. For the Senior Strings, we played two new songs, one was a jazz piece and the other called the Gaellic Overture. For the Symphony Orchestra, we had to play the same pieces that was performed at the EMR concert. We didn’t have time to prepare new repertoire, so yeah. The next performance that we’re rushing to practice for is at the Music Educators Conference.

Yeap, there’s lots going on! We’re having school holidays now. For two weeks. Next week I’m off to Sydney for the Hillsong Conference! :D Anyway, here’s a video of one of the performances in the Winter Concert.

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