Friday, August 14, 2009

Musical Escapades

Musical Escapades – is my second site which serves as a "music blog". It is a journal of my progress in my musical endeavours in piano, violin, oboe and a tad bit of guitar. The idea to create such a blog came to me when I was playing Chopin’s Impromptu No. 1 at the piano on August 12th. Nothing fancy, but I did think it was a good idea!

Musical Escapades is an avenue for me to write about the never-ending hidden treasures that I discover in the music pieces I play. I do not want these instances of “enlightenment” to be forgotten! It is also for me to keep a record of the pieces that I am learning from 2009 onwards.

Apart from this site For A Purpose, Musical Escapades is another place for me to post videos of my performances in music events from school or in competitions (whether solo, in bands, or in orchestras) and write about my experiences. I will also post videos of my compositions, my sisters, Janna & Jirene, and music students.

I decided to create a music blog so that I can look back and reflect on the inspirational lessons I have learned over time and by patience and practice. And of course, by God’s grace and guidance. I want to also write about the people whom God has and will send along my path to equip and mentor me in pursuing my music aspirations. All these are worth remembering!

Someday it will be a memoir of the significant leaps and falls that I make in the musical side of my life. Although I have completed Grade 8, I have just discovered that the completion of grade 8 is only the BEGINNING of this musical roller coaster ride!
I am only beginning to savour the music I'm making and the notes I'm hitting. It's funny how I used to wonder when will I finally reach Grade 8. Now it is rather bittersweet to finally arrive at this point and discover that all that was only an "introduction" to the real thing. =)

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