Sunday, August 9, 2009

Unleashing the Music Within

We need people in our lives to spur us forward without us even realizing it. By God's grace I have found such gems in my life. Best of all are my dad & mum, who’ve invested in me more than money and time. Another person who has helped me wiggle out of my “cocoon” to bloom in my expression of music is Sandra Birze. Though it’s only been half a year, with her passion for music & teaching, Janna and I have greatly improved.

Recently, I asked Sandra if she could prepare for a Grade 8 exam, and she shot me a surprised look. “Oh, I thought we were aiming higher than just Grade 8? You’re certainly above it already!” It was only then that I discovered that she has actually been giving me pieces that are above grade 8 and near diploma level!

We need people in our lives that will have faith in us; people that’ll fix our eyes on a higher goal and equip us to attain it. Many can envision the goal, but do not have the right contact or doors of opportunity to equip them to reach it. I believe that’s where God HAS to come into the picture. Only God will know the best people to send along our way – those that will fit perfectly into the jumbo puzzle of our lives.

Ms. Birze totally fits the puzzle in my music life at this point. I find us alike in many ways. We converse a fair bit during lessons. I also do that all the time when I teach my students. It becomes a rare friendship that the student appreciates. I pick up many of her teaching methods and find that they work well for me, too. I have learned from her that being a teacher, you must give loads of encouragement, be a live example to your student, show your passion for music, and make it count by caring.

We need people in our lives that can see the potential in us and UNLEASH it. A piano teacher will just teach you the music and be ignorant of your potential. But a teacher who’s PASSIONATE about music will teach you the music AND unleash the potential in you. Now when I see my students, I try to see the potential and talent in them. It may not surface instantly, but it can be released with perseverance and practice.

Ms. Sandra has made her life count in mine by helping me to outwardly express the music in me. Before this, I struggled to play with emotion. My previous teacher did not teach by being a live example. She never played any of the pieces for me. As a result, I kept my expression in my head, and I played stiff as a board. Now, after seeing and hearing Ms. Sandra play for me, I have grown bold enough to allow the music in me to bloom on the outside.

The 3 points I’m simply making are “we need people in our lives that will…”

- Spur us forward without us even realizing it.

- Have faith in us by fixing our eyes on a higher goal and equipping us to attain it.

- See the potential in us and UNLEASH it.

But most important of all, we need GOD, who is the only one who can align & fit ALL THESE PEOPLE into each crossroad of our life’s journey.

“A man’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand his own way?” Proverbs 20:24

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ayesha said...

That sounds like what a teacher should be! Very inspiring post, Janielle.

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