Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My 16th Birthday

Compared to what most people do when they turn 16, my 16th birthday was nothing grand at all.
I didn’t mind really. What does the first day of your 16th year matter? I realize that it’s not the birth day that matters, but the whole year itself. How will I live this year? What new challenges await me?

Our family has not celebrated my birthday yet. We’re still deciding what to do. The funny thing about me is I never ask for anything in particular (while most people have longwinded wish lists), I never plan to celebrate at a particular spot, and I never expect much. I actually woke up on September 14 and did not realize I’m turning 16!

Besides all that, I must mention that I received something unexpectedly sweet for my birthday this year! Finally, a gift that I can say: Yes, you’ve got me something I can really use! Well, I seldom ever receive b’day gifts that are what I truly need at the time. Such gifts usually require much thoughtfulness from the giver and will leave me with this ‘sweet’ sensation in my heart and memory for many days. =)

The gift I received was a deep purple iPod Nano (5th generation: with a video camera)!!! It was given to me by some church friends from CLIC (the youth leaders and some families) and was “initiated” by Charlene – she’s a gem indeed. =) Honestly, I never expected presents this year. But this was really nice and thoughtful of them.

In relation to the iPod, I must admit that I’ve been really outdated. xD I’ve never been bothered with the latest technology. I told my parents, “You guys are fortunate to have kids who never whine for the latest phones or iPods or electronic games!” :P I’ve never wanted such things because I won’t have time to download music, buy games, or even sms – yes, I’ve been living without phone credit for 1 year. Don’t you dare gasp or scream. HAHA.

However, I think God thinks I need a bit of a technology boost. Haha, here’s why… A week before my b’day, I thought: if I get into VCASS, I’ll be on the train 2 hours everyday – wouldn’t it be useful if I get an iPod so I can listen to instrumental music or Christian songs when I’m on the train? Boy, I never imagined it would materialize! So I received an iPod a week later without me even asking for it. Thank you guys from CLIC! =) All in God’s perfect timing. (: Of course, I’m still praying about the getting into VCASS part.

Most of all, I thank God for seeing that lil’ thought of mine. The iPod is proving to be real useful. I’ve been loading piano music and orchestra work into it (I know, sounds sad, but I like it :P) so I can improve my listening skills and memorize some pieces better. And when I practice piano, I listen to the piece on the iPod and apply what I hear to what I play more effectively (without having to go on YouTube or a cd player – told you I’m outdated!).

I’m really thankful to God for many blessings this year. I hope that my 16th year will be as exciting as my 15th, and that God would help me live this year for His glory and purpose. I pray that I will make my life count for Jesus and not just live my own selfish plans. I wonder where I will be on September 14, 2010. I pray I’ll be where God destines me to be.

Charlene and I =) The pictures are from her camera, but I brightened them up. :) Haha.

With some of the peeps at church. =)
Cutting the surprise cake Charlene made.

Look at the decoration! Love the treble clef. Thanks Char - you rock! ;)

:D The purple is really the best shade I've ever seen. But it doesn't look as good in this picture. Anyway, thank you guys again. Have a nice day mateys. ;)

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