Monday, September 21, 2009


Wahoo, I have another piano student now! I’m so glad that this opportunity came and totally caught me by surprise.

Some time ago, my Korean school friend, You Jin, asked me about learning piano at Blackburn High next year. I referred her to my piano teacher. A week later, I asked if she found out anything. With a dismayed look, she said that in order to learn piano at school, she’ll have to prepare 3 pieces for an audition in 3 months time. And since You Jin hasn’t been playing for a year, she didn’t think she could do it.

Immediately after You Jin told me that she had to prepare for an audition, I had an idea in mind. =) I told her that if she still wanted to give the audition a try, I could prepare her for it because I teach piano! The idea seemed good cause’ she didn’t know anyone else who could prepare for a piano audition. And besides, I told her, I’m also preparing my sister Jirene for it. And I did it last year. So I would know what areas to brush up on.

So yeah, I have a new student for two months! Although it’s a short time, I still thank God for blessing me with this unexpected opportunity. So far, all my students here have been unforeseen opportunities which I believe must only be open doors from God. And I usually have a feeling that I won’t be teaching them for long, only for a period of time. Perhaps I feel that way because it has sorta’ been like that for me. God opens one door of opportunity for me to grow, and then when I am well-prepared, it’s time to move on.

I’m learning a lot from teaching and it also helps me improve my method of practicing because I learn from the mistakes my students make. Haha. I actually enjoy teaching. =)

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ayesha said...

You seem to have fruitful seasons with students :)
I heard you got accepted to VCASS! Congratulations! The college sounds really fantastic :D

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