Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Adventure!

Our family planned another day trip adventure to Mornington Peninsula, about an hour’s drive from Melbourne City. We drove along the coast of Mornington Peninsula and passed all the beautiful beaches. Dad planned for us to visit the Point Nepean National Park. It is right at the tip of the peninsula. We took a long, leisurely 8 km hike up to the tip where we could see the whole of Point Nepean National Park and beyond. We also visited the historical Australian military forts and tunnel sites at Fort Nepean, which were built in the 1880s through World War I and World War II.

The day was splendid for a hike. It was partly cloudy, so we didn’t sweat it out along the 10km walk and hike. But thank God for the occasional sun peaking out from the clouds. Later in the afternoon, the sky cleared into a light blue. It was a perfectly enjoyable day out! Enjoy the photos... =)

Cheviot Hill. I love the way the clouds form the same shape as the hill.

Janna and Jirene goofing along the trail.

Walking through one of the military tunnels.

Looking from the inside out...

A gecko!

The three stooges walking up the hill to Fort Nepean.

What a sight! We could see from all sides.

Two ferries.

The earth is round.

Jirene, almost reaching the tip.

Having a cuppa' before continuing our hike.

One of the military sites along the coast.

At the military fort.
It was a old, cobweb dusted place.

At Fort Nepean. The strangest thing: we heard faint whistling when we entered. We saw no one. Either it was some joker whistling away in another part of the many tunnels (there's a lot of echo) or like my dad said, there's an old ghost of a soldier... Mwahaha.


It was both eerie and exciting! We really enjoy exploring historical sites. Gives you a strange, awestriken, haunted feeling.


They were attempting to look scary, or ghostly...

Haha, goofing around with my sisters.

At the London Bridge during sunset. =)
Next up, I planned a day outing to Williamstown, which is known as Victoria's first port. It was also supposed to be the capital of Victoria, before Melbourne was chosen. Anyway, I'll have the photos soon!
Meanwhile, I'm preparing for school in 4 days!!!

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