Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eyes on the Prize


Why do I wake up every morning? What makes us roll out of bed? Is it because we have to, or is it more than that. Is it because I've got something specific to do today? If I don't get out of bed, there'll be missed opportunities and precious time wasted.

You gotta admit, not everyday holds such 'promise'. Some days I just feel like, Why am I doing this??! Aren't there better things to pursue? Or I'll just roll back into bed.

This morning I'm reminded to fix my eyes on the Prize. What prize?

Many of us drift through day after day. And this year seems like just another year. Perhaps a little more challenges and excitement, but in the end, what?

I wonder, what drives each of us to do what we do, say what we say, and behave how we behave. Our attitudes are influenced by many things out there. Often we go through 'just another day' with no specific drive of our own. We are driven by our parents expectations, our obligation to go to school or work, our desire to gain favor from the people around us. But I think all these 'drives' come from outside sources. Many times it drives us to do or pursue things and become someone that is not truly who we are.

I am talking about a higher purpose. An intrinsic drive. A desire to reach for our destiny with our eyes never wavering from the ultimate prize. Where does this drive come from?
I have no doubt that this drive doesn't come from myself, nor from men, nor from education or religious teaching. It comes from the One who placed the breath of life in us.

What makes the plants grow? Yes, scientists know how it all works, but here's the greater question, WHY DOES IT WORK?
Likewise, we apply the same question to our lives. Yes, scientists and doctors and psychologists can tell us with all their fancy jargon about HOW our brilliant brain and body works, but they often ignore the WHY question. WHY do we go through day after day and 70 years or a bit more? Is it just another day, another year?

This drive to live and pursue and discover and attain knowledge comes from our Creator. Tell me this is crap, you don't believe in God. You prefer the evolution theory. Ok, fine by me. But if you truly want to know WHY, if you're truly seeking, you will find the answer. You will think thoroughly about these questions and if you seek the right Source, the Life Source, you will find it.

Carpe diem,

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