Sunday, October 2, 2011

No Compromise

by Janielle Beh on Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 3:36pm
An old Zen proverb says, 'To know and not to do is not yet to know.'

Most people just carry on. Knowing fully that something is plainly wrong. Yes, knowing, but not doing anything.

How many people in our generation are willing to stand alone? Because 'doing something' usually means standing alone for what you believe in. It usually means being deemed a fool.

Most people make excuses and move on. Most of us will find some way to justify our lack of conviction to do what must be done and slink away from the responsibility of doing what is right.

We've all lived in the dump for too long. We've been smelling the crap since the day we were born. How many have long ago quietly acquiesced to this way of life entirely contrary to what the Creator meant it to be?

The ones who for a moment, have had their eyes and ears and hearts opened to the Truth, will know what must be done to make their stand. But often it is too difficult to slog through the crap and clean up the mess. Like someone said, 'Its too hard to fight if the fight ain't fair.'

Yet which is the better alternative? To at least have tried slogging through the mud, to have at least swum against the current, or to join the others and contribute to the mess and dive into the mud as well?

The problem is most of us inevitably find ourselves just 'carrying on' with our lives. In spite of what we know we should be doing. We just carry on. We simply build a higher tolerance for the crap around us. We try to get used to it. We appease our conscience by doing the occasional good deed and being 'nice people'.

Its not ENOUGH to be nice! Its not ENOUGH to know the truth. If nothing is DONE in response to what is known, it is frankly a pointless, fruitless sort of 'knowing'.

It just baffles me how some people can put up with clear wrongs and lies and pretend 'its alright' just because we don't want to offend anybody. The truth is the truth. The light and the darkness cannot exist as one. Oil and water will never mix. The truth cannot coexist with deception.

It only means that the people who choose to remain silent in the midst of what they know is clearly wrong, are those who have compromised. Compromise is not an option! You either do something about the mess, or you leave the mess. You cannot try to live WITH the mess.

Friends, we either do something about it or we have no part with lies and deception. Compromising the truth and your faith is not an option.

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